52 weeks of Pinterest-week 5

3 Feb

This week I decided to do an altered domino pendant.  I actually made a few.  There were a few tutorials I had pinned for this but I mostly just went from the photographs of the pins.  On the first one I glued some newspaper down, added alcohol ink & once it dried I finished it off with Glossy Accents.  On the second one, I actually just decided to drop alcohol inks onto the domino, move it around a bit, let one color dry and then add another color until it felt complete. Then I finished it off with Glossy Accents. The second one seems to be everyone’s favorite in my house.  Except me, that is, I can’t decide & think they’ll both look great on the end of a necklace!  Here is a tutorial I had pinned, if you’d like to try one yourself.  I think it’d be a good place to start.

IMG_2395 IMG_2394

52 weeks of Pinterest-week 4

27 Jan

I know, I’m a day or two behind on posting this!  I had it completed yesterday but was out late & didn’t have good light to take a photo when I got home.  I’ve really been wanting to try art journaling for quite some time now but never had the nerve to just do it.  Well, finally I did.  I really liked it in a freeing, no need to make great art but pour it of you kinda way, and most definitely plan on going further/deeper with it in the future.

I didn’t really follow any tutorials on this one but here’s my art journal inspiration pins page on Pinterest.  I used some acrylic wall paint on my background (after gesso) and then used alcohol inks and permanent marker.  I don’t think the permanent marker was the best thing to use & I’m pretty sure it no longer works but ya live & ya learn!  Ok, so here are my first two pages.


52 weeks of Pinterest-week 3

19 Jan

This week I decided to veer away from any kind of clay craft.  I landed on polaroid coasters.  It’s a pretty easy craft.  I’m ok with how mine turned out but I will be trying them again.  I let my girls choose the photos they wanted to have on their coaster.  The Modge Podge seemed to leave little air bubbles, which I didn’t like, so I’ll have to read up to see how to prevent that.  I didn’t rough up my coasters either but liked that the photo would move around so I could straighten them.  I would like to use a paper cutter next time instead of scissors.  That’s just been one of those things that has always been on my to buy list but never was purchased.  In the end, I think these would make wonderful gifts but may take a little practice to perfect :)  At 16 cents a tile (I bought mine at Lowe’s) the cost is very minimal!  Here is where I found the tutorial on this one.


Week 2 of my Pinterest making adventure

13 Jan

IMG_2206For this week’s crafting I decided on another polymer clay craft.  I have to tell you, before I share the pin, that I totally went my own way with this.  The pendant I pinned was adorable & I’ve always wanted to try making it.  In the process of making it, I really just had different products…and colors…and technique!  Basically this looks nothing like the one I pinned but I really do like it.  The photo doesn’t do it justice so I’ll be working on better photos from here on out!  I did use polymer clay & the lady’s technique for lettering but after that I took it in a way different direction that she did :)  I then used a copper colored Martha Stewart glaze I had left over from previous crafts and Glossy Accents to finish it up.  Mine is pretty thick too!  I think I will revisit this one again & try it a little differently but I’m sure it still won’t much resemble the original pin, which you can find here.  I still think her pendant is just adorable & if I was making it for my sister, I’d make it look more like hers :)

Happy New Year!!!

1 Jan

This is my first post of 2014 & I’ve set a few goals for myself this year.  One of them is that I plan on doing a 52 week craft/Pinterest challenge this year.  It’s not really a  because it’s just me but that’s the best word I could come up with!  I pin soooo much to Pinterest & hardly ever get around to making any of it so I thought if I do this challenge at least I’ll have done/made 52 things that I had pinned!

Since this is week one, I tried my hand at a polymer clay craft.  Here’s the link I had pinned for this one.  I chose to do this little Nightmare Before Christmas keychain for a friend’s little boy.  I know that he won’t pick out the imperfections but will be happy to have this little guy!  They made it look so easy but it turned out (for me, at least) to be a little more of a challenge than I thought it would be.  I’ll be the first to admit that I need some practice with clay after this craft!


Ukrainian Eggs

4 Mar

Over the weekend we (my two older girls & I) had the opportunity to learn how to make Ukrainian eggs.  After learning how they are made I will never look at them the same way again!  It it a very tedious, yet therapeutic process.  I didn’t take photos while making them as I was caught up in the learning of it myself.

IMG_9433 (800x534)

For our first egg we all did the same thing and followed a pattern to learn.  I love how the black made it pop at the end.  Before I saw the end result, I didn’t like it that well.

IMG_9431 (800x578)

For our second egg we were able to look through catalogs or freehand.  I decided to freehand my second one, which didn’t turn out quite as well as I envisioned it in my mind.

People take weeks to make their eggs and we made 2 in a few short hours.  It’s also much more difficult than it looks!

When I get the opportunity to try my hand at it again I will definitely plan out my drawing and colors before hand.  I also learned that I don’t have to start with white.  I can actually dye the entire egg and then add my first layer of wax.

IMG_9432 (800x534)

Another very interesting fact we learned is that you don’t have to use blown eggs.  We actually used hard boiled eggs for our first “lesson”.  The egg inside seems to drive and shrivel up inside over time. We were able to shake some of the samples she showed us and hear the old egg inside shake.  It will only smell, we were told, if you crack the egg.  I did crack my freehand egg as I was taking off the wax.  I kept it to take a photo but plan to throw it out since it wasn’t a design I truly loved anyway.

Now I just need to look into the supplies so we can practice up at home!  She also told us that you can use natural materials/plants to create dyes and I’m very interested in learning how to do that as well so I guess I have a research project in the near future!

This Week

31 Oct

This week I’ve been taking the time to clean out all the spent plants in my greenhouse and clean up the greenhouse and other gardens as well.  It’s a reminder of the new season approaching.  Winter is the much needed rest for me.  I still have stuff growing around the property but slower growing winter crops.  I think I enjoy seeing all the season come and then, when it’s time, seeing them leave so another can take their place.

Since the cold has started to come we’ve been chatting about Christmas cards and packages we would like to get in the mail for friends and family.  My daughters have already started their handmade cards to send out!  They are always excited to put up the tree and decorations.  J & I have happily let them take over that tradition for the past few years.  I think if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t bother.

These girls are all growing so fast it’s hard to believe!  It makes my heart ache when I really take a look and notice how tall and mature they are all getting.  I know this is a part of life but it just comes so quickly!  You can check out some recent photos here as I’m working on adding photos more regularly to my website.

So how about you?  What are you up to this week?


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