How are these weeks going so fast? I cannot believe we are almost into November! The whole year is flying by! It has started to feel more like fall around here. I must add this disclaimer though~today is supposed to be 80! I never thought I’d be so anxious for cooler weather but I really want more than just chilly mornings! Seriously.

Yesterday my oldest helped me make apple pies. It was quite a team effort and I must say we make quite a team! Years ago an elder’s wife at a church we attended made the comment that when her oldest daughter moved out it was like she lost an arm. I remember thinking what a great thing for a mom to say but I truly didn’t get it. Yesterday, I got it. I completely know what she was saying. My oldest must be a lot like hers was because even now (and she’s only 13!) some days I don’t know where I’d be without her. She’s a pretty great kid if I do say so myself and I’m proud that God thought I worthy to be her mother. And yes, I’m proud of those other two rascals too so don’t think I’m not!

I did seed some things in the greenhouse but not as much as I anticipated. Some beans, brussel sprouts, lettuce, celery, and for fun some cherry tomatoes (just to see what would happen). I was out there this morning digging up some chives to bring inside. We really aren’t gonna want to keep running down there everytime we want chives on something as they seem to be becoming a staple. I also plan on digging up some oregano & planting inside the greenhouse to see which winters over better. Everything is still an experiment.

J is wanting to plant some raised beds next year using the cinder blocks as borders. I found this neat magazine at the thrift shop on Sunday – a 96/97 issue of Tauton Kitchen Garden magazine. Inside was an article on four-square gardening (not sq foot gardening). I like the looks of it & am considering this instead of just raised beds. I tried googling it to show a pic but mostly came up with sq ft gardening. The basic concept is four square beds with paths and right in the middle something of interest a lot of amish/Germans in PA used to use yucca plant as the middle center piece. Around the perimeter were smaller, raised beds that herbs were planted in. Mostly these were made by Europeans who came over that were used to planting this way due to space constraints in their homeland. There was so much more room here in America that this way of gardening faded and they started planting the long rows we are used to seeing. I’d like to make the beds 9×9 with a rosemary or rose bush in the middle and my herbs in the perimeter beds. I haven’t yet discussed it with J so we’ll see what he thinks of it.

Today, we have more pies to make and also these and possibly these if time allows. I also have a friend coming this afternoon to help me learn what to do with my kombucha tea once its finished fermenting. I’m excited to start drinking it regularly & giving it to the girls, esp. M, to see how it benefits us. I’ll keep you posted on the kombucha.

I keep thinking I need to get some fall pics of the girls but just haven’t yet found the time. And they tend to run when I bring the camera out anymore! I’ll have to get dad involved and maybe do family photos to send out this year. I’d also like to figure out how to do a dvd to send up to family and friends. They’re always asking to see our house and greenhouse and it’d be fun to make a little movie for them. We’ll see how that works out depending on time and of course motivation.

Have a great week and be blessed ~ Tina.